Welcome to JGPC Repair!

JGPC Repair provides Computer Repair as well as IT and Computer Consulting to local businesses and residents in and around Murfreesboro, TN. Check out some of the many services that we offer below and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!


You don't have time to "Beat around the bush" when it comes to your IT and computer needs.

This is why we are up front and honest about all repairs and contracts that we offer.


When it comes to your IT and computer needs we know when you need something done, you needed it done yesterday!

That is why we offer reliable service and a 30 day warranty on all of the work that we do.


We have all been there before dealing with people that think they know more than us about computers.

Here at JGPC we abide by the golden rule to treat others as we wish to be treated.

Service Overview

Here at JGPC we strive to be different from your everyday computer repair shops around town. One major service we offer is after hours repairs. This keeps you from having to take time out of your day to get your computer fixed!

We offer a multitude of different services for our business clients and residential clients alike so please take a few minutes to look through what we have to offer and as always contact us with any questions you may have!

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